A Gym with a Woman's Style!

Woman’s Way Fitness Center


A gym with a womans style

Established in 1983, Woman’s Way Fitness Center is proud to have some of the best instructors and certified personal trainers .

Warm Down With Us

Because doing workouts involves strenuous physical activity, you need to warm down a bit after your daily routine. Why not relax for a moment with us at the lounge? Enjoy a cup of coffee with the other fitness buffs.

About Our Company

A Gym with a Woman's Style!

Woman's Way has programs and wellness activities designed specifically for women. You can find all the healthy alternatives you've been looking for to help you get back into shape, stay in shape, and give your body the "attention" it deserves .   


Woman's Way Fitness Center is a fun and social environment. Our health and fitness classes are what we do best. This woman's only facility will give you a chance to and have fun in a non-intimidating atmosphere. 

Woman's Way an all-exclusive fitness center, offering state-of-the-art fitness & cardio equipment. We're not your typical workout place as it was designed with women like you in mind .

Call today to visit your neighborhood women's fitness boutique.